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Sentient Life Sciences is headquartered in Singapore. We provide next generation novel bacterial solutions to enrich agriculture productivity, create innovative practices in aquaculture, and produce beneficial research to protect human health. Remarkable breakthroughs in life sciences are achieved through a collaborative effort to address global food scarcity and improve public health. We endeavor to solve human issues faced throughout the world today in discovery of better tomorrow.

Microbial Biological Solutions

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For businesses, researchers, industry institutions, academia or governments who want to explore partnerships to discover new solutions to address a myriad of issues, we want to collaborate.

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Grow with Sentient Life Sciences. We endeavor to solve human issues faced throughout the world today in discovery of better tomorrow. The proprietary nature of our existing biological formulations across agriculture and aquafarm industries not only can save farmers and fisheries throughout the world billions of dollars in annual revenue loss, but also provide a sustainably natural alternative to harmful chemical pesticides at the same rate of efficacy without the toxicity to human health and the environmental eutrophication. And that is just the beginning of our story as our R&D explores new areas of life sciences to protect public health from viral infections.

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We provide a diverse range of solutions and products for agricultural and acquatic farms looking for a more sustainable biosolution to protect crops or enhance nutrients to shellfish and fish.

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Members of the media can reach our corporate team to find out more about our company, solutions, future projects, and to request an interview. For all other general enquiries, please use the contact form below.

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